Adult Leaders

This page lists the current adult leaders along with their responsibilities. The more adult family members are involved, the more rewarding will be the scouting experience for the boys. Please contact one of the current adult leaders if you would like more information about becoming a registered adult with the Pack. Registration as an adult leaders require some minimal online training described below. Lots of additional levels of training exist to help you become an even stronger contributor to the Pack. However be warned, helping a Pack grow is a highly addictive and rewarding experience!

Current Adult Leaders
Please contact any of us if you have questions or comments.

 Position  Grade  Name  Email  Phone
 Assistant Cubmaster
 Ron Souliere  402-770-6087
   Mandy Binder  402-314-0304
 Chad Brassil  402-419-0076
 Committee Chair
   Phil Bade  
 Chartered Organization Rep
   Mike Hedrick  

Training for Adult Leaders

A number of training resources are available for adult leaders. Minimally, all registered adult leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training. Additional online training courses can be accessed by registering at the council website. Orientation training introduces you to the Scouting program. Fast Start training is designed to be taken before your first meeting in your new role, providing the minimal information required to quickly get up and going. Leader Specific training and Supplemental training provide advanced specific training.

Periodically, in-person training events are offered through the council. In addition, a member of the pack Ron Souliere can organize customized training sessions for the pack.

Upon completion of all training for a given adult leader position, the "Trained" patch can be worn on the sleeve of the adult uniform. This outward sign of training encourages other adult leaders to complete their training so as to provide the best possible experience for the boys in the Pack.

A number of guides and websites provide ideas for
planning den meetings, pack meetings, and scout outings. For example, the Cub Scout Meeting Resource Guide can be purchased from the Scout Shop. As a registered adult with the Pack, you'll received the magazine Scouting in the mail. A few favorite online resources are listed here: